Friday, 20 August 2010

EA Confident FIFA 11 Will Stay Ahead Of PES 2011

EA’s Jens Uwe Intat has expressed the publisher's confidence that the franchise will maintain it's edge of Konami's Pro Evo series, with a focus on the quality of their product:
“Our games just get better and better – we have a clearly superior product to Konami, which I think wasn’t the case in the previous generation."

“Consumers – and even journalists – have come to understand this and the improvements we make; that all adds up to building market share there.”
I'm a FIFA whore and can't wait for it to release on September 28th in the US, and October 1st in the UK. A new trailer released at GamesCom which you can check out here, and it looks fucking brilliant. PES 2011 releases on October 8th... fun times!

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