Monday, 30 August 2010

Criterion Pitched A Need For Speed Title To EA Years Ago

Criterion are currently hard at work on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for EA but the developer has recently revealed that a Need for Speed title was proposed to the publisher quite some time ago under the title 'Need for Speed: Split Second' back in 2002.

Craig Sullivan, designer at Criterion commented that the studio pitched a stunt orientated version of the game to EA Canada years ago. However, relations weren't so hot between the companies after a sequel to C64 title, Skate or Die wasn't made, after it was promised:
“We called a meeting with the EA guys, told them we were walking away and they went mad, threatening to sue us, put us out of business… There was a lot of anger and frustration."

“Then we got a call from the Need For Speed guys and they said, ‘We can’t work with you guys any more; you just walked away and there’s a shame on your company, so we can’t talk to you.’"

“I remember coming back to my desk and there was a folder on my desktop called EA and I just clicked delete. We learned a lot about how a game should be made.”
Looks like time is a magnificent healer, that and the prospect of lots more money means we'll have another Need for Speed title to play in November, from the guys behind Burnout.


Patrick Luke Honeyman said...

So we ca comment like this now? Seems better than the prior means of commenting on stories previously used.

DGN Staff - Mark said...

Glad you like it budski