Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Company Forced To Pay Blizzard $88 Million Over Private Servers

Scapegaming, a private server company run by Alyson Reeves, used to run private World of Warcraft servers, set up with a microtransaction system that brought Ms. Reeves $3 million USD in profits. She was sued by Activision-Blizzard for profiting off of their property, and the results are in: Ms. Reeves was taken to the cleaners. She will have to pay a total of $88m in damages; her entire profits, $85 million in statutory damages, and $63,000 in legal fees.

This was a cut and dried case from the outset; Ms. Reeves did not have permission from Blizzard to run private servers, and especially didn't have permission to profit off of their intellectual property. With that said, I expect the $85 million in damages to be knocked down on appeal, as that's an extremely high number.

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