Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Channel 4 Investing £1 Million In Dundee

British independent television broadcaster Channel 4 is investing £1 million or one tenth of its yearly production budget in the Dundee games industry.

In the wake of the troubles at Realtime Worlds, Channel 4 has commissioned three projects; two of which are games based on their television properties and the other will be a three-party series looking at the games industry in Dundee. The companies Dynamo Games, Tag Games and Headlight Scotland will be responsible for the developments.

Publishers and developers such as Activision, Sony and Blitz Games held recruitment events in Dundee last week, and organisation Scottish Enterprise has been lobbying for new studios in the region, rather than the development talent being relocated from Scotland. A spokeswoman said:
“This isn’t the end of the story. Our experience of large studios going down is that new studios grow out of them. This week has been hugely depressing, but in the next few weeks we may start to see interest in buying Realtime Worlds.”
The firm has also been giving advice to ex-RTW employees looking at setting up on their own, and it is widely expected that new studios will appear in the wake, although they’re likely to be much smaller outfits and not likely to be attempting multi-million MMOs any time soon.

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