Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blizzard Closes StarCraft 2 User Map Without Reason

It appears that Blizzard have deleted users' custom maps from the Battle.Net servers due to inappropriate content. The major issue that has arisen is that no real reason has been given for the deletion of said maps.

Furthermore, many commenters over on official forums for StarCraft II have expressed their dismay that such an action should be taken when inappropriate content or 'language' is used commonly in the game proper. The game's community manager responded with the following comments:
"Words used in the campaign are not things we're going to action for."

"The map that was removed, and for which this thread exists, WAS NOT removed for using the words 'bad ass'. But we're not going to publicly release why or for what reasons we do remove maps. If the map maker receives that information and chooses to do so, then so be it. That's their discretion."

"We're working on improving our processes to ensure the map maker has more information on why their map was removed, right now it is a bit vague and has obviously led to this misunderstanding."
Vague seems a little of an understatement given that it remains unclear as to why the user's map was deleted unless they are forthcoming with the details themselves. You can check the some of those comments here which will give you the low-down from the users' point of view.

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Anonymous said...

If it is the map that on screenshot then it looks like nazi symbol to me from overview... this could be the reason ;)