Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Backbreaker Patched, Fixes Numerous Flaws

American football title Backbreaker took a bit of an early bath critically, and the developers at NaturalMotion Games have heard all of the criticism. Yesterday the company announced a massive patch, titled Greathouse, that addresses just about every one of the plentiful flaws that critics and players had with the game.
"One final thing. We take great delight from seeing all your videos and we’re humbled by your support and enthusiasm. If you’ve seen something uniquely amazing in Backbreaker that made you smile, laugh, point, call a friend or rub your eyes in amazement, then you ‘get’ Backbreaker… and we’ve made this game, and “Greathouse”, for you."
I thought Backbreaker was a great idea that went horribly wrong, so it's nice that there's still support for the title. If everything works out, this will turn Backbreaker from being a bad game to something worth playing, at a cost of nothing to people who bought and supported the game.

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