Friday, 6 August 2010

Apple's Game Centre Won't Work On Older Devices

Apple's answer to Xbox Live, Game Centre, will not be available for their iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod Touch devices, according to a report on the iOS 4.1 beta 3:
"Update: Looks like there's some bad news for legacy users in this update... namely the fact that Game Center compatibility for second gen iPod touches and the iPhone 3G has been dropped. Thanks for nothing, Apple! "
TechRadar has an editorial on this subject, but I have to disagree with both them and Engadget on this one. As easy as it is for us to accuse Apple of doing this just to drive sales of the iPad and iPhone 4, this seems to me like it's a performance issue. iOS 4 - as nerfed as it is - performs like a dog on my iPhone 3G. Game Center would perform much worse, I imagine.

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