Monday, 9 August 2010

Activision: Singularity And Blur Disappoint

Two recent new IPs from Activision fell short of meeting sales expectations, according to CFO Thomas Tippl. It has been well-acknowledged that several big games this year have suffered, and Tippl discussed Blur and Singularity’s sales with investors:
"Singularity fell short of meeting what is an exceptionally high bar within the shooter genre. Fortunately, Call of Duty was the title that raised that bar and the shortfall of Singularity was offset by Call of Duty's catalogue and DLC performance."

"Additionally, Blur was not able to break out in what turned out to be a relatively soft racing genre despite the number of high-quality releases."

"Importantly, the game broke new ground in creating innovative social and multiplayer features, enabling our unique online and back-end platforms to play an increasing role in driving value in the future."
However, discussing Shrek: Forever After and Transformers: War for Cybertron, he went on to say:
"With respect to our license properties, both Shrek and Transformers achieved the highest ever game ratings in the franchise's history… Transformers particularly is selling well, taking the top 10 spot in June for NPD despite the late June release."

"We have retail and consumer programs planned for the remainder of the year to drive sales of our June quarter releases well into the holiday where the majority of the consumer spending occurs."
We feel that both Blur and Singularity were decent games that probably suffered more due to poor timing than anything else - in particular, Blur was up against Split/Second and ModNation Racers, so there were three big racing games in a matter of weeks competing for the consumers’ money. With another instalment - and a bit more marketing from their parent company - we feel both could be very solid and enjoyable franchises.

What this probably means though is fewer new IPs and more licensed games instead. Yay...

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