Friday, 6 August 2010

Activision Denies Mandate Against Female Leads

Rumours that Activision has a mandate against lead female protagonists have been refuted by the publisher. In a recent report, claims by unknown sources are made that Activision relies heavily on focus groups to determine their output, and will not have a female character star in their game unless it has recently been proven popular by another developer.

Apparently True Crime: Hong Kong started life with Treyarch as a completely different game called Black Lotus, which starred a female Asian assassin modelled on Lucy Liu. This was before Activision demanded the project more closely ape the GTA series, and the whole project changed developers and became another True Crime instalment.

Activision commented that they have no specific criteria what their development teams and creative partners can and can not develop, and that they merely use focus testing as a tool to measure what it is gamers are looking for.

So, who knows if any of this report is true (although if it is, it’s unlikely to be solely Activision taking such a stance), and if or when we’ll see the first female lead in an Activision game.

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