Monday, 9 August 2010

4 On Demand Coming To PS3?

It has been reported that the broadcaster Channel 4 is in talks with Sony over making its 4 On Demand service available on the PS3 in the future, allowing PS3 owners to stream some of the channel's available content through their PS3 consoles.

The report's origin was from the media journal Broadcast Magazine where a source was quoted as saying that "4oD is becoming a platform agnostic product and will be successful because of the quality of the content," together with saying that "We're looking to launch on the PS3" leading to the belief that talks were already underway.

Given the quality of Channel 4's programming it would be nice to have a means of watching what you want, when you want from their selection of content on your PS3, even if you had to pay a small fee to do so.

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