Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zeschuk: "3D Gaming Will Be A Better Experience"

BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk is behind 3D gaming and believes while the technology is expensive to upgrade to, and the glasses is a bit obtrusive, the experience is ultimately, better for the gamer:
“Simply put, it’s expensive. It’s really expensive. To ask someone to throw away their $1000 television, put it in the basement and buy a $1500 television, and get the glasses which are obtrusive and expensive, it’s going to complicate the process."

“It’s expensive, but it comes down to “is the experience better or the same?” It is better. Overtime you can see that watching sports is better. Games, when they are done well in 3D, are absolutely better. Part of the problem is the perception that’s it’s super gimmicky."

“The first 3D movies were simply made to throw objects at the screen. I sat through a kids’ movie and there were all these sequences where there was no way they would have had them in the movie, they weren’t that great from a story perspective, other than they were good for 3D effects. That’s the entirely wrong way to do it, this big gimmicky construction."

“Once we get past that, once we get past the adoption and the costs, the glasses… but that’s a long way away.”
Sounds like BioWare has some 3D plans in the pipeline.

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