Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Xbox 360 Slim Release Surpasses PS2 And PS3 Slim Launches

Oh my, the release of the Slim Xbox 360 has proved to be rather well received as UK sales tracker, Chart-Track has announce sales of the Xbox 360 Slim have surpassed those of the PS2 and PS3. Chart-Track boss Dorian Bloch commented:
“Microsoft’s new, improved, slimmer Xbox 360 console, the Xbox 360 250GB (or Xbox 360S) achieves the biggest launch in the UK for a ‘revised’ home console, surpassing the launches of both PS2 Slim and PS3 Slim and recording over two days around the same as the original Xbox 360’s launch sales total back in week 48 2005."

“This is even more impressive when you take into account that the original Xbox 360 was launched across two versions (Pro and Core).”
Maybe the fact people are happy to buy a console that won't overheat and die, or sound like a jet engine and is already wireless enabled helped sales...

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