Thursday, 22 July 2010

Xbox 360 Medal Of Honor Beta Goes Live

The Medal of Honor BETA has finally gone live on Xbox 360, following its launch some weeks ago on the PS3 and PC. On EA’s forums it says the following:
“The wait is over -- the Medal of Honor Xbox 360 Beta is now live! Go here to redeem your beta key. Once you redeem your key, you will be given a token which you can then take to Xbox Live Marketplace and use to download this highly anticipated beta. If you have already downloaded the PlayStation 3 or PC beta and have another key that you would like to use to download the Xbox 360 beta, you must create another EA account. Only one key can be redeemed per account.”
Medal of Honor is due for release this October. EA LA are handling the single-player portion whilst Battlefield developer DICE handle the multiplayer. A month later, the latest Call of Duty iteration, Black Ops will be released, so it will be interesting to see how much marketing EA give their title, and how the sales of the two compare by the year’s end.

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