Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Where Is Demon’s Souls?

Here in Europe, we finally got a chance to sample the brilliance of Demon’s Souls when it was released on the 25th June. However, since its release, the game has been confoundingly hard to find anywhere; supermarkets, electronics stores - even specialist game retailers seem to have very low supplies for it.

After a quick search through some of the biggest online game retailers in the UK - Amazon, Play, ShopTo, HMV, and so on - it seems the only ones who actually have copies in stock are the Game Group. Third-party sellers through Play and Amazon are asking for over the RRP for both used and new copies, and it seems like a ridiculously under-prepared situation for one of the most acclaimed PS3 games to date, and a title that has in each territory outstripped its sales projections and succeeded almost entirely on positive user feedback and strong word of mouth. After a fairly positive first week (it charted at #6) stock issues seem to have plagued retailers, and it has swiftly dropped down the charts.

Seemingly a ‘vanilla’ edition is on its way (due on the 8th August, according to HMV.com), so does this explain why there’s a dearth of Black Phantom Edition copies available? Who knows, but we do know that every PS3 owner should do their best to get hold of this wonderful and punishing gem of a game.

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