Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Valve Waiting Until Portal 3 Before Incorporating PS3 3D Tech

Valve have stated that players will not be seeing the use of 3D support in upcoming title Portal 2 and will have to wait at least until a 3rd iteration of the franchise is released instead. Doug Lombardi, marketing boss at Valve, had this to say on the matter when speaking with game’s magazine PSM3 in their September issue:
"[Having a dedicated PS3 team] allows us to build our PS3 products internally, which we feel is critical for delivering the highest quality version of our products."

"[Move and 3D] will have to wait for Portal 3 or another title. We won't be supporting those in Portal 2."
He was also asked if titles such as Left 4 Dead would be coming to the PS3 at some point to which he replied:
"Who knows what the future will bring?"
Keep your eyes and ears peeled for potential ports of such games In the future and I can’t imagine Portal 2 being any less enjoyable without 3D support included as the first game was a joy to play and still is.

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