Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Valve Apologises To Wrongly Banned Users With Freebie

After owning up to their own mistake, Valve hope to appease the 12,000+ gamers who were wrongly banned on from Steam by offering them two copies of Left 4 Dead 2, free. Valve has apologised for an error where it's anti-cheat system wrongly auto-banned users for supposed cheating in Modern Warfare 2. Valve overlord, Gabe Newell commented:
"This was our mistake, and I apologize for any frustration or angst it may have caused you."

"The problem was that Steam would fail a signature check between the disk version of a DLL and a latent memory version. This was caused by a combination of conditions occurring while Steam was updating the disk image of a game."

"This wasn't a game-specific mistake. Steam allows us to manage and reverse these erroneous bans (about 12,000 erroneous bans over two weeks)."

"We have reversed the ban, restoring your access to the game. In addition, we have given you a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 to give as a gift on Steam, plus a free copy for yourself if you didn't already own the game."
Good times.

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