Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UKTI Offers Tokyo Game Show Deal

The UK Trade & Investment department has put together a package for interested parties for a trip, lasting a week, to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show as well as networking opportunities by visiting and meeting Japanese game companies and businesses.

The cost of the package on offer is £750 in addition to travel and accommodation fees on top and the deadline for applications is July 30th. Definitely worth considering if you work in the games industry and want a further insight into how the Japanese games market operates and if you have the funds available to participate.

Plus, TGS always gets a good write-up every year so no doubt this year’s show should be as good if not better. This year’s Tokyo Games Show has been announced to take place from 16th-19th September at the usual venue of the Makihara Messe Centre in Chiba.

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