Thursday, 15 July 2010

Study Finds Violent Videogames Useful To Ease Stress

Finally a study we can praise. A study conducted by Texas A&M International University has found depression, hostility, and stress were eased in both male and female young adults who played violent videogames.

In the study conducted by associate professor, Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson, 103 participants were given a frustrating task which was followed by a non-violent game, no game, a violent game where the player was evil, or a violent game with good versus evil themes.

Those who played a violent game, had reduced levels of “depression and hostile feelings in players through mood management”. Ferguson noted:
“It probably won’t come to a surprise to gamers that playing games may reduce stress, although others have been sceptical of this idea. This is the first study that explores this idea, however."

“It does seem that playing violent games may help reduce stress and make people less depressed and hostile.”
While Ferguson admitted further tests were needed to expand on the effectiveness and application, it could help you out next time you're being wound up by someone or something... However, we don't recommend Modern Warfare 2...

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