Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sony Post Impressive PlayStation Profits

Sony has posted financial results for the quarter ending June 30th 2010, showing an increase in sales of 32.4 percent.

PS3 sales in the period came in at 2.4 million, up an impressive 118 percent from 1.1 million units from the same period in 2009. Worldwide sales now stand at 38.1 million. PS3 software sales hit 24.8 million, which is a year-on-year increase of 68 percent.

PSP hardware sales were almost static, shifting 1.2 million units compared to 1.3 million in the same period 2009. Global sales now stand at 48.6 million, meaning the console should breach 50 million sales by the end of the year. Meanwhile, PSP2 rumours persist, although nothing has even been shown or confirmed by Sony. PSP software sales saw a slight increase, coming in at 9.2 million against last year’s 8.3 million.

Meanwhile the ol’ PS2 continues to chug along, with 1.2 million sales in the quarter, which was the same as last year. Software sales were down by some 60 percent to 3.4 million units.

In summary, Sony’s Network Product and Services Division posted a sales increase of 32.4 percent to 325 billion yen, with a profit of 32.9 billion yen. This will be great news for them considering the same period in 2009 a loss of 36.7 billion yen was incurred.

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