Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sony Confirms PlayStation Move Line-Up For Japan

Sony has announced their line-up of launch titles to be released with the PlayStation Move when it is due for release in Japan on October 21st. Check out the list of titles below:
· EyePet (3,980/approx £30)
· Sports Champion (3,980/approx £30)
· Beat Sketch (2,980/approx £22)
· Fure! Fure! Bowling aka High Velocity Bowling (1,900/approx £14)
· Machi Suberi aka Kung Fu Rider (3,980/approx £30)
· Big 3 Gun Shooting (6,279/approx £47)
Resident Evil Gold Edition owners will be able to upgrade to a PlayStation Move compatible version of the title in September free of charge which should please fans of the franchise.

You can also see the games due for release post launch here.

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