Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Retailers Begin Kinect Preorder Campaign

US supermarket giant Walmart has started to take preorders for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 peripheral Kinect, charging $200 for the device itself, one game and a $30 gift card

Although no official price has been announced by Microsoft, their own site has listed Kinect for $150 (which is apparently a place-holder), and a number of retailers such as Amazon and GameStop have put it up for the same price.

In the UK, online retailer ShopTo has listed it for £125, with some online retailers such as Blockbuster advertising it for £130 and others like Zavvi speculating £150.

Microsoft have claimed that at the device’s E3 reveal they wanted the focus to be on the software and hardware rather than the price, and will be focusing on more games (specifically the much-discussed Project Milo) at next month’s Gamescom conference in Cologne. We’ll bring you more news on Kinect, its software and pricing as it happens.

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