Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Remedy Believe Alan Wake Franchise Will Grow

Alan Wake developer, Remedy Entertainment isn't put off with not-so-awesome sales for the title and stands by what they've achieved and Remedy head, Oskari Hakkinen believes the franchise has legs to travel, but launched in very competitive release window:
“Overall we have been very pleased with the reception of Alan Wake with both the press and the fans alike. People compliment the story first and foremost, but love the characters, the combat and, of course, the setting."

“There is no doubt that Alan Wake hit the shelves during a very competitive launch window, with some games dominating with extremely aggressive marketing."

“However, we’ve always tried to stay unique and do something new and different in videogames.”

“This breath of fresh air for gamers seems to now be working to our advantage, as those that have already enjoyed Wake are clearly inspired to talk more about the game and tell their fellow gamers to try it also."

“The word of mouth phenomenon is very apparent with Alan Wake. There has been a growing interest in the title and it certainly seems to ‘have legs’ to sustain.”
Should have released it sooner really.

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