Thursday, 22 July 2010

Red Dead Redemption Is This Year's Biggest Seller So Far

Recently released NPD sales figures show that Rockstar’s smash hit Read Dead Redemption is the biggest-selling game of the year so far in America.

New Super Mario Bros Wii has been the biggest selling single-format game, but combined sales of the Xbox 306 and PS3 versions of Read Dead put the western open-world game ahead. Modern Warfare 2 is accumulatively the third best-selling game, indicating what has generally been a difficult handful of months for new IPs making an impact. The charts are as follows:
Combined Sales Top Five:
* Red Dead Redemption
* New Super Mario Bros. Wii
* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
* Battlefield: Bad Company 2
* Wii Fit Plus

Single Format Sales Top Ten
* New Super Mario Bros. Wii
* Pokemon SoulSilver
* Red Dead Redemption (360)
* God of War III
* Wii Fit Plus
* Wii Sports Resort
* Pokemon HeartGold
* Modern Warfare 2 (360)
* Just Dance
* New Super Mario Galaxy 2
The final sales figures are yet to be released later today.

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