Wednesday, 7 July 2010

R18+ Rating In Australia A Reality?

In E3, ex-Aussie Premier Peter Beattie, was questioned repeatedly on the lack of an R18+ rating in Australia, for which he wrote an article (check it out, the man has a point) for The Australian where he defends the need to introduce the adult rating on videogames.

Beattie, who had been known for criticizing the Mark Ecko game and even Fable in his day, deems the government should be realistic, and abide videogames with the same rules as other media. The rating itself hasn't been proved all that useful as we have seen games being approved with an MA15+ rating while in other countries it was straight for the R18+ (latest example is the rating of Dead Rising 2), so in the end the game is played by those that weren't meant to.

Beattie also commented that the stubbornness of the politics is useless as people who can't get the game one way will search for another, whether it's import or piracy.

A message with some sense. Hopefully it will reach the appropriate ears...

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