Thursday, 15 July 2010

PSP Minis Range Passes 1 Million Downloads

Sony has announced the PSP Minis range has now passed 1 million downloads worldwide. The digital download only service launched last October alongside the launch of the PSPgo. SCEE VP of publisher and developer relations, Zeno Colaco commented:
“We’re always looking for exciting and unique content to offer our audiences and minis offer exactly that."

“We’re proud to have achieved over a million downloads in less than a year and with new developers coming on board every day, bringing with them incredibly fun and creative games, we look forward to establishing minis as a fans favourite amongst the PlayStation community.”
That's quite an achievement for a digital only title which you can't download a trial before you buy. The latest titles to release include Piyotama, Car Jack Streets, Archibald’s Adventures, Pallurikio, and Star Hammer Tactics.

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