Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Peter Moore Not Convinced In 3D For Sports Titles

EA Sports president Peter Moore isn't too convinced that 3D gaming would work so well in sports titles and isn't in a rush to implement the tech:
“When you’re doing team sports – and FIFA and Madden are good examples – the camera comes out higher to allow you to play the game and see the field. I’ve seen Madden already in 3D: you go down tight and the 3D effect is very cool, but when you come back to normal, 22-players? It’s not quite what you need."

“We’re looking at it, and we’ve certainly seen our games running in it, but we won’t just do it for the sake of doing it.”

“I think it’s got to really add value to the game experience."
Wow just the thought of playing a footy title in 3D is a bit confusing.

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