Monday, 26 July 2010

Pachter Believes Multiplayer Subscription Models Will Come

Looks like industry analyst Michael Pachter firmly believes online multiplayer gaming is going subscription-based in the future. Speaking on the latest episode of his GT hosted show, Pach Attack, he commented:
“I think EA will migrate to an online subscription model, so instead of paying $10 for an online pass, I think EA will charge $5 or $10 a month which will give the player the ability to play any of the companies sports games online.”
Pachter noted that if the subscription model did come into play, it still wouldn't affect the profit of EA Sports titles:
“You know I think they will be fine if 1-2 million do that [pay for subscription] and they will be fine if other 10-20 million people who play EA Sports games keep buying new games."

“The moral of the story is game and used game purchasers just have to accept online multiplayer is going subscription. Publishers just can’t afford to give this stuff away for free, its cannibalising new game sales and used game sales.”
Pachter also commented on Activision rumours of an online pay-to-play subscription model for Call of Duty, even after developers of the franchise said it wasn't going to happen:
“The idea you can buy Call of Duty and play online forever for free is crazy.. Activision is going to charge for it."
Your thoughts?

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