Thursday, 22 July 2010

Microsoft Defends Kinects Price

The European VP of interactive entertainment Chris Lewis, has defended the RRP of Microsoft’s upcoming motion control device, Kinect. He had this to say to games industry magazine MCV:
"We researched it heavily. As with most things, we do massive amounts of consumer research. Not only did we consult with people like yourselves, but also the analyst community. We think this is great value."
"The bundle offers an immediate opportunity for families to jump straight in to the experience with everything they need.”

“Look at our pricing versus what we’ve seen from Sony. If we take their US Move details for example – obviously we’ve not seen their Move price-points for EMEA – but we expect Move will cost €150. But when you look at a two player Move experience, we think we will be around €150 less for the equivalent two-player experience.”
Although it sounds yet again like executive marketing spin to support their stable the £129.99 RRP for the device is still going to be a lot for most families, whether they are existing advocates or interested parties. Hopefully some of the console bundles that Microsoft will put out for Christmas will be better value for money though.

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