Thursday, 8 July 2010

Kuju Consolidates Zoe Mode Studio

Kuju has confirmed the consolidation of the Zoe Mode development business by closing down the London office and moving staff to work in the company's Brighton studio. The move follow news back in May of staff being let go. However, Kuju CEO Nigel Robbins assured there is no long-term threat for Zoe Mode:
"We recently decided to consolidate studio resources in the UK under one roof, being our other studio in Brighton, given that we have a long term lease there with ample space and great facilities."

"That said, we are also keen to ramp up Zoe Mode's presence in the US, and I would like to eventually see like-for-like capabilities and resources in both the US and the UK for Zoe Mode, with the latter being Brighton-centric."
The company's other studios including Headstrong in London, Doublesix in Guildford and Vatra in the Czech Republic are unaffected.

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