Thursday, 8 July 2010

Japanese And Western Publishers Need To Collaborate To Succeed

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has said neither Japanese nor Western publishers have actually successfully globalised their titles due to parent companies having too much control over development studios and that more collaboration is needed:
“As a company, we are pursuing globalization and a transformation to become network-centric. To do that, we are working on collaborative projects between Eidos and our Tokyo studio. We think this will be very interesting."

“The Tokyo studio created the trailer for Deux Ex: Human Revolution. Eidos is making the game in Montreal. This type of collaboration enhances a dialogue among our studios and that will lead to something new."

“That is a challenge of globalization, which is a different problem from revenue models. We have to appeal to customers with different preferences. Sega did not succeed. Konami did not succeed. Namco Bandai did not succeed. Western publishers have not succeeded in selling in Japan. Nobody has succeeded at globalization. But it hasn’t succeeded because it was always based on Japanese direction. It was Japanese people who commissioned the Western developers to make games.”
Japan can't satisfy Japanese and Western gamers, the same as Western studios can't satisfy both markets, but together, ah... Lots more from Wada-san here.

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