Monday, 5 July 2010

Japan Isn't Capturing The Western Market

The producer of upcoming title Ninety Nine Nights 2, Tak Fujii, has recently commented that Japanese developers do not have their heads around developing games with an overriding appeal to gamers in the West yet:
"So, you know times have changed, and as you know, we used to have very good Japanese game all over the world."

"But now, compared to the others from capturing the Western market we are not doing really well, so we gotta change, you know, our scheme or style, which means the producer has gotta be much more on the PR side and the management side, rather than just in creating, creating, creating."

"Well, I would say, hmmm...what should I say - can I say it's American fan's fault? [laughs]."

"No, seriously though, back to the nice old 90's-- 80's, 90's, you know. We developers, we hired so many people for these games, and a small team could make a good game, with a maximum of 20 people on the team. But now, talking game products in Western culture, it's a hundred something people getting involved with it."

"And the Western market is getting more and more into realistic stuff like the World War II shooters and FPS stuff. But to make that, it means tons of money, and you know Nintendo brought out their answer."
I can see where Mr. Fujii is coming from on this and he reinforces a valid point that has already been raised by figures such as Kenji Inafune and Jun Takeuchi at Capcom. Just don’t lose your delightful Japanese charm you put into your games we do still really enjoy thanks.

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