Friday, 16 July 2010

James Bond: Blood Stone Announced

Activision has announced that they will publish a new James Bond title this holiday season. James Bond: Blood Stone will see Daniel Craig and Judi Dench reprise their roles as Bond and M, and will also see singer Joss Stone play the part of the requisite Bond girl.

Blood Stone may sound like a Harry Potter subtitle, but will be an action game with racing elements. It is in development with British studio Bizarre Creations, who recently released racing title Blur to lukewarm commercial success. An Activision spokesman said:
“James Bond 007: Blood Stone captures the cinematic intensity of a Bond film by immersing players in an intriguing conspiracy that will require them to think and act like James Bond. In addition, the game will feature a diverse array of multi-player modes and debut strategic objective-based gameplay that will allow Xbox 360, PS3 and PC players to battle as teams of spies and mercenaries through authentic Bond locales.”
Activision’s previous Bond game was Quantum of Solace - based on the film of the same name as well as Casino Royale - from Call of Duty developers Treyarch. They also announced at E3 that a remake of N64 classic Goldeneye is in development at Eurocom, and will be launching exclusively on the Wii toward the end of the year.

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