Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Heavy Rain With Move Won't Be Necessarily Better, Says David Cage

Controller or no controller? With all the motion controllers already “in motion”, many question what the industry will do with the new possibilities. Quantic Dreams lead David Cage revealed in an interview that he believes that content will still be the most important part in a game's success:
"For me, the main challenges are in the content; how we can get rid of gameplay loops and invent new ways of playing; how we can bring more complex emotions in our experiences; how we can invent worlds, stories, characters and gameplay that will fascinate and immerse from the first minute to the last.”
Creativity is being put in doubt after the release games of both the move and, especially, Kinect that have been announced work on previous Wii ideas.
"Motion control is an attempt at expanding the audience of games by getting rid of this barrier that is the controller. We can probably get new people playing tennis with a motion controller in front of their TV, but I am more interested in discovering how we can create content that will make them want to play more mature games. Both can be compatible, but getting more people playing party games won't support creativity unless we create different types of content for this device.”
"What is important is what happens in players' minds, the controller is just a means, and won't solve all the issues we have in making interactivity a valid creative and mainstream medium."
He didn't hide his disappointment when Sony took Heavy Rain DLC developing from Quantic Dream so they could focus on the Move patch for the game, but he has also revealed how much closer the game with Move is from their original intention:
"The device we imagined at the beginning of the game was based on motion detection on both hands with a plastic shape embedding both fists. Our approach was maybe a little bit more organic but, in general, we are close to what we initially imagined for the game.”
However, he did point out that it is not an improvement more than it is a different way of experiencing the game:
"I would not say that it is a better experience; rather a different approach to the original game."
Cage also said that they are anxious to start working on their next project soon. Bring it on!

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