Thursday, 8 July 2010

Handheld Manufacturers In Talks With Japanese 3G Carrier

Japanese mobile telecommunications provider, NTT DoCoMo has revealed it has been in talks with handheld manufacturers about providing 3G capabilities to next-gen handheld devices. NTT DoCoMo president, Ryuji Yamada, didn't specify which companies but commented:
“Videogame makers know that in order for portable game machines to take the next step forward, they need wireless communication. We are discussing this with various players.”
We can only think of Sony and Nintendo with neither the PSP nor DS having 3G at this time, but both being Wi-Fi compatible. Tokai Tokyo Research Center anaylst, Yusuke Tsunoda believes the talks are in indication of a threat from the smart-phone market:
“The distinction between gaming devices and mobile communication devices, like smartphones, are blurring and it may eventually disappear.”
Both Sony and Nintendo have declined to comment at this time.

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