Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gilbert Not Fond Of 3D

Ron Gilbert, the man behind DeathSpank has revealed he's not too fond of 3D games, mainly because of the glasses, which seems to be the hot topic at the moment:
“I didn’t see the 3DS [at E3], so I can’t tell you about that specifically. I know that I hate 3D movies. I find them disturbing. Although I did see a demo of somebody playing World of Warcraft in 3D, which I thought was pretty cool. So I don’t know. I haven’t had enough experience with it and the games to really know."

“I do know wearing a pair of glasses as you play a game is going to be a big problem. Maybe, down the road, when TVs can do 3D without glasses and all of those things, I think that’s when you might see it become popular."

“But I think wearing the glasses is always going to be a problem.”
Industry analysts have expressed their concerns over the 3D uptake because of the requirement to wear glasses.

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