Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gilbert Born To Make DeathSpank

Following his departure from HotHead Games, Ron Gilbert has said DeathSpank was a game he was born to make. Gilbert commented the game's conception began five years ago, but only came into reality around two years ago, and the main character started from a comic character a friend made:
“I was born to make DeathSpank. Actually, the character DeathSpank started out as a little comic character that a friend of mine, Clayton Kauzlaric, and I created for my website."

“We needed this videogame character who is completely ridiculous and over the top. So we created this guy named DeathSpank. We did a couple of cartoons about him, and then he really started taking on a life of his own in some ways."

“We just said, ‘You know what? He really needs his own game.’ That’s when I sat down and started designing the game and thinking about that marriage between the adventure game and the RPG game. That’s where the game came from”.
DeathSpank releases on Xbox Live on July 13th and on PlayStation Network on July 14th.

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