Friday, 30 July 2010

Games Can't Do Drama Says Prince Of Persia Movie Director

Oh my, director on the Prince of Persia movie, Mike Newell has said that games actually 'bore the arse' off him:
“The Prince Of Persia movie is a great big, general entertainment with a romance, a boy and a girl, comedy, action and a very good melodramatic story. It should be enormous, free reign entertainment. That’s what a Bruckheimer movie is, and that’s what this tries to do."

“But when the discussion turns to the minutiae of the games, it begins now to bore the arse off me, frankly.”

“When people watch 24, they’re watching for the surprise, you know – when is the great big bad surprise going to step out from behind the palm tree."

“When they watch The Wire, they’re watching the human drama of it."

“You can’t do it without the human drama. And the video game cannot do that. The video game can do all sorts of face-pulling, all sorts of: ‘I am a bad man, I have a mean jagged sword,’, but it can’t do any more than that.”
Form an orderly queue to commence bitch slapping.

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