Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Free Realms Gets 12 Million Players

Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO Free Realms now has over 12 million users. It’s unclear at this time how many of those are paying for content or participate in micro-transactions, but it is nonetheless an impressive number for what has become a saturated market, as publishers have been striving to recreate World of Warcraft’s success.

Free Realms launched in July 2009 and is aimed largely at younger gamers, with a strong emphasis on mini-games, jobs and the social aspect. A PlayStation 3 version has been planned, although this has not been mentioned by SOE in some time now, and its status is currently unknown. Sony also announced that they are planning to launch the PC version in the Chinese market, and are currently in discussions with various publishers to host the game there.

Elsewhere, SOE are currently working on promising-but-absent PS3/PC shooter MMO The Agency, free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures and November 2010 release DC Universe Online.

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