Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Epic: "Triple-A Games On iPad Are Inevitable"

The VP of Epic Games, Mark Rein, has recently said that he believes the iPad will be a future platform for upcoming triple-A titles. He had this to say on the matter at last week’s GameHorizon conference:
"It's inevitable, because once the genie's out of the bottle, it's out. You can't un-shoot a gun, right? Once people get a taste a something higher quality, they can't go back."

"You're not watching a lot of black and white, 4:3 television at home, are you? Sure there's some nostalgia factor there, but for the most part people aren't going back and playing 20 year-old games because the technology surpasses them and now they have much better experiences that are more immersive."

"And once you have a taste of immersion, your suspension of disbelief that you had before when you had clunky 16 bit pixels on the screen, it goes away. You just don't go back and watch silent movies in black and white. I'm not saying there's no market for that, but it's not mainstream."
Given the uptake of the iPad by consumers I wouldn’t be in a position to disagree with him. All I ask for is responsive controls please Apple, thank you.

(Had a good chat with Mark at the Game Horizon Conference and he showed me a build of Unreal Tournament 3 running on an Android OS powered tablet device. Epic are definitely dabbling in this area.- Ed)

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