Wednesday, 28 July 2010

EA To Use Live Gamer Microtransaction Technology

EA has confirmed it has signed up to use Live Gamer's 'Elements' microtransaction technology in future titles. THQ have already confirmed its title, Company of Heroes Online will use it, along with other titles down the line.

Live Gamer Elements offers support for virtual currency, item storefronts, virtual goods, gifting and analytics and is used by 83 million gamers worldwide. EA's Dennis Self commented:
"We selected Live Gamer due to its unique ecommerce functionality and payment methods which will augment EA’s current ecommerce capabilities."

"With that, EA is committed to its efforts to enable global online gaming capabilities, and Live Gamer provides us with additional capabilities to do that."
Live Gamer president Andrew Schneider added:
"EA is synonymous with some of the most popular video games of all time. [It] has also embraced and innovated new business models in the game industry since its pioneering efforts in online gaming and now extending to their entrance into social gaming."
EA is yet to confirm which titles it will implement the technology in.

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