Thursday, 15 July 2010

EA: "Schwarzenegger Is A Hypocrite" editor in Chief Jeff Green has come out with some explosive comments on California's Governor “Arnie” and his opposition against the violence in games being accessible to younger players calling him an hypocrite. Quick recap: Arnie wants to make selling games to minors illegal, in a way sellers could be actually sentenced to prison for doing so, a measure that EA's CEO John Riccitiello already criticized.

Green commented on the negative effects it could have and called Schwarzenegger a hypocrite for his role in the movie industry:
“ could have a chilling effect on the gaming industry as a whole--both the makers and sellers of the games, who will have to seriously think twice about the kind of product they can and want to sell, out of fear of ending up in jail. And therein lies the bigger question at hand. Because if you substitute books or movies or music in the previous couple sentences, you can see just how wrong this is.”

“If Schwarzenegger really believed in the underlying message of the law with his name on it---that it should be illegal to sell or rent material deemed excessively violent for kids---then he should take the first step and make it illegal for kids to see "The Expendables." Until then, this is all nothing but hypocrisy of the highest order.”
It is true that Schwarzenegger's position makes him quite a hypocrite if you count the number of “deaths” by his hands, but it is also true that companies make their product marketing of the big R18+ games with teenagers in mind mostly. Just check the amount of under-age kids in Modern Warfare's multiplayer...

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