Monday, 26 July 2010

EA LA Re-branded ‘Danger Close’

No, it doesn’t mean the studio is in danger of being shut down; but Medal of Honor developer EA LA has been renamed to the rather odd-sounding ‘Danger Close’. Speaking about the name change to Gamasutra, executive producer Greg Goodrich said:
"When a [soldier] is calling in for danger close fire, it's the decision to take a chance, rather than sit back and call in from afar."

"For our team, 'danger close' is about pushing the boundaries and taking chances on telling a story we felt needed to be told."
We feel the name change and its meaning is indicative that the studio's priority for the foreseeable future will be Medal of Honor instalments. This follows the Dead Space development team being renamed Visceral Games last year, and just a few weeks back Mythic being rebranded BioWare Mythic - EA seem to be making moves to give their development studios individual identities, which is a good thing in our view.

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