Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blizzard May Rethink Subscription Fees Model In The Future

Tom Chilton, lead designer on World of Warcraft has revealed the Blizzard may rethink the game's subscription fees in the future following the uptake of free-to-play MMOs in the West:
“We’re not spending a lot of time thinking about it. It’s not something that’s a reality for us in the near future."

“If another game comes along and blows us away it may not make sense for us to have a subscription fee. Or even further down the line, when we have another MMO out."

“I feel like they’re doing that to compete with other games that are on a similar subscriber level to what they were at. I imagine that when one of them went free to play it cannibalized some of the other subscribers. I can definitely imagine that being the case with World of Warcraft.”
Still waiting for the Cataclysm expansion later this year.

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