Monday, 5 July 2010

BBC Reporter: "E3 2010 Was Mediocre And Full Of Dross"

E3 has come and gone for this year, with some interesting news and games on the way but many believe the event didn't deliver any innovation or new ideas for the industry, many of whom believe is in constant decline in terms of creativity and progression.

BBC reporter Marc Cieslak speaking in the latest episode of technology show 'Click' recently expressed his woe at this year's event, stating “there were literally thousands of new games on show at E3, adding, “unfortunately many of them are a bit mediocre.”

Cieslak didn't stop there, adding that finding “gaming greats amongst all of the dross” was “almost as difficult as navigating the mass hordes out on the show floor.”

Harsh words, but how many would actually agree...?

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