Monday, 21 June 2010

Telltale Jurassic Park Title Will Be Different Style

Telltale design director Dave Grossman has commented on the developer's deal with NBC to produce a series of episodic Jurassic Park titles and has stated they won't follow the studio's usual gaming style, but a complete shift in a whole new direction:
“With Jurassic Park, we’ve wanted to kind of step out and do something that’s cinematically much more serious."

“You know, we feel like we’re getting pigeonholed a little bit as a company that makes funny cartoon games about talking animals, whereas really what we think of ourselves as is a company that makes games about cinema.”

“We want to explore some different territory. How is the gameplay supporting the tension of the scene, and what kind of tension is it? How is the game paced? And so you’re going to find all of that stuff in the Jurassic Park series.”

“You can definitely expect tension elements, let’s say. Whether they’re action or, well, there are a lot of ways to do that. I think there’ll be a liberal mix of stuff in that game.”
Jurassic Park games, win.

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