Monday, 21 June 2010

Star Wars The Old Republic Longer Than 50 Novels

BioWare are known for their deep and lengthy story-lines in their RPGs and the developer's latest outing in Star Wars: The Old Republic won't disappoint explains Daniel Erickson:
“The game itself, when you talk about total number of conversations, is bigger than every other game we’ve ever done put together."

“At one point, we realized that, just for voiceover content, we were larger than 50 Star Wars novels – which was kind of surprising [laughs]. That kind of stuff is exciting and scary all at once."

“When we talk about things like, ‘You can play through one faction, and then play all the way through another faction, and it’s totally different,’ that’s huge. Even if you’re in the same faction, you’ve got a whole class story that’s going to take you all the way through everything."

“Yeah. There’s a lot of stuff there”

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