Monday, 14 June 2010

Sony Says PSP Go Was A Test

The president of SCEE, Andrew House has recently spoken on the status of the PSP Go when speaking with MCV. He had this to say when asked if he thought whether he considers the PSP Go a sales success:
"It was introduced in a mature life-cycle to learn more about what the consumer wanted and we've definitely learnt a lot."

"Is that measured by success in sales? I don't think it is."

"One of the reasons we launched PSPgo was to understand where that consumer behaviour was going. We were getting signals from consumers that this was the kind of device that they wanted. But we need to recognise that consumers like their packaged media library."
In all honesty, anyone could have told Mr House that releasing a digital-only handheld at a premium rate cost would have been risky prior to release and no matter how much games fans may like to believe that games are widespread entertainment they still pale in comparison to listening to music on the move.

That and Sony being conservative about the release of sales figures of the PSP Go in Europe and you can make your own conclusions about how well or not the PSP Go has fared since release.

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