Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sony Not Going To Leave The PSP Alone Just Yet

In recent talks with the SCE UK sales director Mark Howsen and PR boss David Wilson have laid out their plans for continued support of the PSP in Europe. They had this to say on the status of the handheld ad their future plans:
“I think in handheld over all the industry is at a bit of a tipping point. We’re seeing a trend whereby consumers are relatively accepting of the fact that they have to buy high-price hardware but at the same time they expect to pay very little, or sometimes even nothing at all, for software. That’s a real shift in behaviour."

“To reinvent the whole PSP model wee need to look at handheld in a very different way, in the context in which consumers are now viewing it. We’re trying to re-engage consumers with PSP, though that’s not just a challenge for us – it's a challenge for the whole handheld sector. We are at the point of a major shift in the way that consumers are engaging with the current players in that market.”
You can read the full article here but you can see that at least the folks at Sony Europe are still behind their handheld despite their admittance that the machine is having a harder time in the West compared to its homeland. I'm sure they'll keep the games and support coming until a successor to the PSP is unveiled.

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