Monday, 28 June 2010

Schappert: "The PS3 Is On Fire"

EA's behind the PS3 with COO John Schappert recently expressing his enthusiasm for the console's current success:
“We’re platform agnostic. We sell more software on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 than anybody. That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things."

“I wouldn’t read too much into what we’re showing the demo’s on, but I will tell you, in the marketplace, the PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well.”

“Since Sony changed the PS3 form factor, rolled out the Kevin Butler marketing campaign and launched some great content, the box is on fire."

“Now the problem is you haven’t been able to find it at retail, it’s been out of stock. But I think they’ll fix that soon."

“We have high hopes on the PlayStation 3 this year. Again, we like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now.”
EA announced a few PS3 exclusive editions for upcoming titles during their E3 conference this month.

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