Monday, 28 June 2010

Recent Budget Cuts Prove Unpopular For Games Industry

With recent announcements of the scrapping of tax breaks for the games industry in the UK by Tory chancellor George Osbourne the move has no doubt proven unpopular and cast frustrated eyes over the recent cut. Labour minister Luciana Berger questioned the decision made by the coalition government in their recent budge:
"Why are so many of the video games industry work force leaving the UK at a time when global video game sales grew by 24 per cent. between 2007-09?"

"Can the Minister explain why it is stated in table 2.1 of the Red Book that the non-introduction of video games tax relief would raise an additional £190 million over the next five years? How was that figure arrived at?"
The games industry generated sales of £2 billion in 2009 which would suggest that they’re not only a nice little earner but maybe such a prosperous industry should be treated better than they will be over the next year? Guess I’m not the chancellor though.

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